LCIF 7º Worlds Lions Golf Tournament

The Rules


Golfers need to have an official handicap: Ladies & Men – 36 and better.

The handicap needs to be certified by an official document of the players golf club.

The Lions Golf tournaments are open to ALL GOLFERS with a handicap -36 and better (they do not have to be Lions yet).

Type of Event: The Lions Golf Society Tournament 2019 is an Individual Event: Stableford.

1st Category: Handicap - 16.0 and better (ladies & men)

2nd Category: Handicap -16.1 to 28.0 (ladies & men)

3rd Category: Handicap -28.1 to 36.0

Each player will get full strokes according to the official handicap

Conditions of Play:

Play shall be in accordance with the Rules of Golf published by R&A Limited and the Conditions of Competition and Local Rules. The specimen conditions in the Rules of Golf are in effect as regards Driving Clubs, Conforming Golf Balls and Time of Starting. Men play of yellow tees and Ladies play of red tees, senior amateurs of 80 years and older play of red tees. In the event of a tie the player with the most points of the last round will win, if the last round points are also identical than the last 9 holes, 6 holes or 3 holes will count with the most points played.


Players are obliged to confirm their entries by 18.00 hrs. (local time), no later than one (1) day prior to the first tournament day. Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis until maximum field size is reached.

Tee Times:

Tee-off times will normally be announced one day before each tournament round at the Information Board in the Pro-shop.


The best three players with most net Stableford points per category will be honoured with prizes.

Mobiles Phones & GPS and Laser Devices:

The use of mobile phones is prohibited during tournament play and the mobile phone policy of the host venue must be adhered to. The use of GPS and Laser Devices are permitted during all rounds.


Immediately after the round is completed, the score cards must be returned to the Pro-shop or Scoring Area. If a score card is not returned within 30 minutes after the competition of the round the player will be disqualified.


Results are final after the official prize giving.

Prize Ceremony:

The 3 best players per category have to attend the prize giving ceremony.

Contact information:

The golf committee has the right to make changes to the tournament rules at any time.

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