I have prepared this to help you get the necessary information of most of the Multiple Districts in the world. Many don't have a Web page, and if they have it sometimes, it has not been up dated for a long time, put still I believe it can be an useful information for us, especially if one travels and would like to contact the local Lions to visit a Club or simply get some help for anything you might need. Besides this, you have a very useful tool call LIONNET, basically you can find almost any Lion web page in the word.

MD-B Mexico
D-D1 Panama
D-D2 El Salvador
D-D3 Guatemala
D-D4 Costa Rica
D-D5 Nicaragua
D-D6 Honduras
MD-E Venezuela
MD-F Colombia
MD-G Ecuador
MD-H Peru
MD-J Uruguay
MD L Brasil
MD-M Paraguay
MD-O Argentina
MD-R Rep. Dominican
MD-S Bolivia
MD-T Chile
MD-101 Sweden
MD-102 Switzerland
MD-103 France
MD-104 Norway
MD-105 UK & Ireland
MD-106 Denmark
MD-107 Finland
MD-108 Italy
MD-109 Island
MD-110 Holland
MD-111 Germany
MD-112 Belgium
D-113 Luxemburg
MD-114 Austria
MD-115 Portugal
MD-116 Spain
MD-117 Greece
MD-118 Turkey
D-119 Hungary
D-120 Estonia
D - 121 Poland
D - 122 Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
D - 123 Rusia
D - 124 Romania
D - 125
D - 126 Croatia
D - 127 Latvia
D - 128 Israel
D - 129 Slovenia
D - 130 Bulgaria
D - 131 Lituania
D - 132 Macedonia
D - 133 Bosnia
D - 134
D - 105-I Ireland
MD-202 New Zealand
D-203 N. Caledonia
D-204 Guam
MD-300 Taiwan
MD-301 Philippines
D-303 Hong Kong
MD-305 Pakistan
MD-306 Sri Lanka
MD-307 Indonesia
MD-308 Malaysia
MD-310 Thailand
MD-315 Bangladesh
MD-321 India
MD-322 India
MD-323 India
MD-324 India
MD-325 Nepal
MD-330 Japan
MD-331 Japan
MD-332 Japan
MD-333 Japan
MD-334 Japan
MD-335 Japan
MD-336 Japan
MD-337 Japan
D-351 Lebanon
D-352 Egypt
D-354 Iran
MD-354 Korea
MD-355 Korea
D-380 China
D-381 China
D-382 China
D-409 Congo
MD-410 South Africa
D-413 Zambia
D-414 Tunisia
D-415 Algeria
D-416 Morocco